Monday, April 18, 2011

It's messy...but its mine. :)

Hi Everyone!
I had my theme done for awhile now, but until I really delved into my drawing, I just didn't know what to say. When we are small, young, our imaginations run free. That gets pushed out of us at school, among other places. I remember day-dreaming a lot. I lived out in the country, surrounded by woods. I spent a lot of time outside and with my head in books. I used my imagination readily and thought it would be fun to try to remember just what I used to dream about. It has been difficult separating what I dream about now, from the way I used to think then.

I hope to see what you were like as a child through your daydreams as well. The right side of my image is done as well, I am filling in the center. It is hard to think like little me! I will send a final picture when it is all done.


Marisol said...

Hi Dana, I'm excited waiting to see your drawings completed.

Chris Menice said...

Looks great Dana! Keep it up! said...

looks great Dana!!