Saturday, April 9, 2011

First drawing completed

Scientific name: Phalaenopsis
Common name: Butterfly orchid
Family: Orchidaceae (orchids)
Place of origin: Asia. India to the Philippines, Indonesia and northwestern Australia, where they inhabit warm, moist forests, usually near water.

I finished my first drawing and I am prepared to send it to the next artist but I expect each of you include photos of your sketchbooks and drawings. When you include your drawings on this blog then I send my sketchbook to the next artist.

I am a woman with little free time, I'm married mother of two children, work at home and I have a job outside my home but I have taken this project very seriously and I'm trying to be as quick as possible.

I like drawing and painting and I like to do things that give joy to others, this is the reason why I think we should include many photographs of our drawings and sketchbooks in this blog.

I would like this blog has more life, I need your comments and pictures more often.

Please do not let this project die, I think if we put a bit of interest we can get something very beautiful.

You can see the pictures bigger if you click the mouse over.

Moly_X_32 first drawing done.

Moly_X_32 first drawing done.

Moly_X_32 first drawing done.

Moly_X_32 first drawing done.

4 comments: said...

Looks wonderful!!

I am just about ready to send too...

but I think I am missing something.... Did we share addresses somewhere? I need an address.


Alicja said...

Gorgeous! I just got my computer back online and am ready to add some pics (in progress and final). Then I am ready to send as well!

dloreleim said...

Lovely start!

I passed my address on to Lindsay and am working on my book but not ready to post it yet. I do not communicate much by blog, but I am here.

The pace is going to be a little different for everyone, especially at the start, but I respect that you will want your books back quickly. It will be a priority. I am not worried about getting my book on a particular schedule. I know creativity happens when it happens. I work long hours as a designer, but due to privacy laws, I cannot share the work online. I know we are all busy, but I will certainly check in when I have something to share!

Be back soon,

Chris Menice said...

Hi Dana,

I just thought I would address your comment "I do not communicate much by blog". Unfortunately you really need to be around the blog and communicating. That will make this group successful. If you don't there will always be question as to whether you are even here.

It won't take much, but I suggest you all try and post sometime during each week. Just post what you've been working on or an image of your book in progress. And do remember, communication is what makes these groups work.