Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looking for a theme too!

First of all - love your sign-in page Alicja!

I thought I'd post what I have so far (one side).... but looking for a theme to go with it....

Toying with the following ideas: perspective, stuff in my pocket, portrait, new life or travel.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Page and a Theme

Ok, I have finally chosen a theme for my book: Local Haunts.  I am hoping that when you receive my book, you will add a drawing of a place in your town/city that is a local hot-spot.  I'm looking for great places to visit that only the locals really know about, places that aren't listed in a tourist guidebook.

To go with my theme, I have designed a special sign in page so that everyone can fill in their name and location and do a small design for a sign - it might be a welcome sign or the name of the place you are going to draw in the moly, or any other kind of visitor sign you want :)

I've done mine: just a "come in we're open sign" and there is space for each of you to add your versions as well and names as well.

I am hoping to also get some business cards from the location I choose and tuck them into the back flap, that way, everyone can take one and have a collection of cool spots from around the world.

I have 3 cool spots from around Toronto - now I just need to choose one and get my first drawing done!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to Moly_x

Hello Moly-x-32ers!

It looks like I'll be your friendly moderator/cheerleader on this Moly-x journey. You can reach me anytime through flickr mail or directly by email cmenice at gmail dot com

Let's get started right away! Don't wait to start your books. If you don't have one yet, go get one!

It's good to see these groups moving again and I'm excited to work with you all in this role. Mostly, you won't notice me at all. I'll be poking my head in to see what's going on and to nudge you all to complete your entries within that month time frame.

So, just a couple of things as you get going. As Alicja mentions in a previous post, do you guys want a theme? This is always a good idea, but of course not necessary. I think it helps new members contribute by giving them an idea of where to start. If you decide to have a theme for your book make sure to leave a note in your book about what your theme is. Feel free to post it on the blog too, but after a while it can become difficult to know what a specific book's theme is so having a note in your book helps a lot.

Next I'd like to talk a little bit about mailing order. It doesn't really matter! Ok, maybe it does. You can think about it two ways. First, you might want artists to contribute in a specific order because some artists just have a natural chemistry when working side by side. I like the randomness better though. You can just pick the random order that's already on the side of the blog here. It lists as:

Lindsay Wright, Canada
sends to
Dana Mason, USA
sends to
Marisol Covelo, Spain
sends to
Alicja Wigglesworth, Canada
sends to
Lindsay Wright, Canada

Rinse and repeat. Honestly that looks like a pretty good order to me. But what do I know?

I think communication is second to actually doing the art in books. Please communicate frequently. It will help you all be friends. Use the blog as your own little small friend group. Have fun.

If you want to check out some of my work you can see it on flickr (my link is in the sidebar). Also, check out my group: there is a lot of great art there. I'm around so holler if you need me.

Chris Menice, aka Rebelpapa

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well, Hello!

Hi Everyone,

I am really glad to be part of this new moly_x group!

Let me introduce myself:  My name is Alicja.  I am originally from Poland, but now living in Toronto, Canada.  I am a teacher at the University of Toronto.  I work mostly with international students learning English.

I love to draw and paint, although I haven't always had time to focus on my hobbies.  The moly exchange groups are really great in that I feel motivated and accountable to a group of people to make time to keep the books moving :) I also make my own clothes and love to sew for others.

In terms of this exchange, I don't know if you are interested in each of us having a different theme, or if we all want to have the same theme, but with different variations and starting points... I am open to suggestions, but I really want to get started soon :)

Then, we should also figure out the order for sending the molies and a schedule to keep us on track!

Again, it's great to be part of this exchange! Hope to hear from you soon!