Monday, February 21, 2011

Page and a Theme

Ok, I have finally chosen a theme for my book: Local Haunts.  I am hoping that when you receive my book, you will add a drawing of a place in your town/city that is a local hot-spot.  I'm looking for great places to visit that only the locals really know about, places that aren't listed in a tourist guidebook.

To go with my theme, I have designed a special sign in page so that everyone can fill in their name and location and do a small design for a sign - it might be a welcome sign or the name of the place you are going to draw in the moly, or any other kind of visitor sign you want :)

I've done mine: just a "come in we're open sign" and there is space for each of you to add your versions as well and names as well.

I am hoping to also get some business cards from the location I choose and tuck them into the back flap, that way, everyone can take one and have a collection of cool spots from around the world.

I have 3 cool spots from around Toronto - now I just need to choose one and get my first drawing done!


Chris Menice said...

Great idea! I'm looking forward to your first entry.

Great job getting the group going!

dloreleim said...

Fun idea! I keep wavering on mine. :)

Chris Menice said...

@dloreleim Don't waver, just do it. Besides there will be plenty of time to do another book :D The book ideas don't go away. Just pick one and save the others for another book.