Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well, Hello!

Hi Everyone,

I am really glad to be part of this new moly_x group!

Let me introduce myself:  My name is Alicja.  I am originally from Poland, but now living in Toronto, Canada.  I am a teacher at the University of Toronto.  I work mostly with international students learning English.

I love to draw and paint, although I haven't always had time to focus on my hobbies.  The moly exchange groups are really great in that I feel motivated and accountable to a group of people to make time to keep the books moving :) I also make my own clothes and love to sew for others.

In terms of this exchange, I don't know if you are interested in each of us having a different theme, or if we all want to have the same theme, but with different variations and starting points... I am open to suggestions, but I really want to get started soon :)

Then, we should also figure out the order for sending the molies and a schedule to keep us on track!

Again, it's great to be part of this exchange! Hope to hear from you soon!



Marty Harris said...

Very nice to meet you.

Alicja said...

Thanks! I'm really glad to be part of another exchange!

Dana said...

Hi Alicja!
I am new to this and struggling to get the time to get some work scanned and up on Flickr. I will do it soon and I will be picking up the book from Marty soon. I was thinking that I would start with a general theme, something where you could apply it to whatever art form you are familiar with. I am very excited to do this and I hope to get the started on this over this coming weekend. I would also like to contact everyone on the team and add a few people before I set a theme. Since Marty has the book for me, I can do my part and send it to you next. I am really looking forward to this!

Chris Menice said...

Hey Group! I'm your friendly moderator/cheerleader. I'm just stopping by to introduce myself. I've posted an entry to the main page. I look forward to seeing the work you all create. Now go...Make art!

Alicja said...

Hi Dana!

Great to hear from you! I saw some of your images earlier today and they are really great! Can't wait to see some of your work in person.

As for your book, once you decide on your path, just post on the blog and let us know what to expect :)

Chris seems to have organized an order for us - you will be mailing to Marisol and receiving from Lindsay. Try to flickrmail them to give/get addresses, and then we'll be off!