Thursday, March 3, 2011

Starting with the project.

Hello, greetings to everyone. I'm Marisol Covelo and I live in Madrid, the capital of Spain (Europe).

Here I present this marvelous sketchbook. This is my first Moleskine Japanese and is a dream to have this jewel in my hands.

It is a pleasure for me to start this adventure with you. I hope all the books arrive at their destination. Please include your e-mail address in your sketchbook. Is very important that we stay in contact by e-mail, FLICKR and this Blog, because I would like each one of us receive our notebooks full when the project ends.

I would like that make your drawings in a maximum of one month to keep the books and enthusiasm for this project. If we delay we will be more difficult to complete this project.

Chris Menice, please, can you include a live chat blog in the column on the right to communicate among ourselves?. Thank you very much for your help.

You can see the pictures bigger if you click the mouse over.

My japanese Moleskine

My japanese Moleskine

My japanese Moleskine

My japanese Moleskine


dloreleim said...

Hmmmm...she is a lovely Moly! I have chosen a theme and started my book as well! I will post the intro page with details soon. Congrats! Dana

Marisol said...

Hi Dana, I'm glad to find you here, I felt a bit lonely in this place :-)
I have made ​​a part of the picture and I'm finishing the other hand. During this coming weekend I'll upload the photos on this blog and Flickr so you can see the creative process.


dloreleim said...

Oh, don't feel lonely! I think everyone got excited about the group and now are thinking about their art...or drawing like mad. :) this is my first book too and I am slow to start it out of fear. But it's going to be fun once it gets going. I already have ideas for the other books. I dont post a lot, but I am here. Cheers!

Chris Menice said...

I'm glad to see some comments here. You guys should definitely get the group moving. Don't waste time.

If you would like a chat box, I have used before. It can be embedded into the blog. I believe I can only get 1 per email and I already have one linked to my email. If you want one for the blog, Marisol, you can sign up and I think you should be able to use the blogger tools to embed it.

Great job. Don't be strangers. Think of blog posts as a place to communicate. Don't be shy and keep in touch frequently. At least 1x per week I'd say. Post updates etc. Have fun.