Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Opening my sketchbook

The theme of my sketchbook will  be:


I chose this topic because I like nature in general and I like to draw things make me happy.

I started my sketchbook drawing a pink begonias I have in a pot in my studio and you can see in my first entry in this blog.

Scientific name: Begonia cucullata Willd
Common name: Begonia waxy
Family: Begoniaceae
Place of origin: Brazil
Description: Herbaceous erect, very floriferous.
Two varieties. Pink and white

I whis that when you get my sketchbook and start drawing you tries to concentrate and think about the wonderful natura around us that is generous and gives us joy.

I have included the delivery order from us and also my personal address and my e-mail for this sketchbook is not lost.

I am very happy with this adventure and I hope that you enjoy drawing in this sketchbook.

You can see the pictures bigger if you click the mouse over.

Moly_X_32 Beginning

Moly_X_32 Beginning

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Very interesting proyect. Good luck fot it!!!